Branding &Logo Design

Brand Management

Dedicated Designer

Why not have a designer dedicated to your vision? We advocate working  directly with us to bring a vision to life that truly represents you and your organization.

Branding & Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Be unique not unusual. We specialize in building brands that focus on the ARMM theory of Attention, Response, Meaning & Memory.

Branding & Logo Design

Unified Brand Guide

With our Unified Branding Guide you’ll receive the color scheme, fonts, and other brand elements that make you instantly recognizable across platforms.

Branding & Logo Design

Award Winning Design

With over 10 years of Award Winning Design expertise we pride ourselves on bringing beautiful brands to life. We love working on both print and web projects. 

Branding & Logo Design

The Files You Need

You can’t do much with a JPEG alone. That’s why we provide 11 unique file formats and unrestricted rights to the original work. Need something project specific? Just ask!

Branding & Logo Design

Guaranteed Happiness

Our number one goal is to have happy clients! That’s why each of our designs comes with set amount of revisions included. Though we don’t think you’ll need to take us up on that.

Branding & Logo Design

Built To Scale

Each logo we design is built with Adobe Illustrator and scales from your smallest application to your biggest idea. So go ahead Dream BIG!

Branding & Logo Design


At Bordegos we not only specialize in great visuals we also spend a lot of time focused on creating compelling copy. This is key to any successful campaign because we all know looks only take you so far.

Branding & Logo Design


We're one step away from creating something truly amazing together! We just need a few more details. Tell us a little more about what you're looking to accomplish.