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Marketing Automation

Do more with less! That’s our philosophy towards marketing. We utilize a number of modern marketing automation philosophies and platforms to create smarter email sends through MailChimp and even more complex automation through Zapier.

Email Marketing


By just including a consumers first name in email sends can increase click throughs by up to 14%. That’s why personalizing your marketing materials has become a must have in the saturated market we currently work in.

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MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is the World’s Largest Email Automation tool. MailChimp integration adds the ability to find your audience, engage with current customers, and so much more.

Email Marketing

Email Templates

Aside from relevant and timely messaging the most important part of an email is the look of it. What good is a well crafted message if your audience can’t seem to find it! Each of our templates are strategically designed and work across all devices!

Email Marketing

Advanced Email Analytics

From opens to click through rate. We provide you with the analytics you know through your Email (MailChimp) and Marketing Funnels (Google Analytics) to see which are producing the best results! 

Email Marketing


You can’t expect your audience to all want the same message! That’s why we create smart segmentations inside of MailChimp to drive each group to a specific message with unique content.

Email Marketing

Database Management

Your database is only as good as the data in it. But, what if you can’t seem manage the data you’re already collecting? We clean up and standardize your database from naming conventions to list imports to get your data working for you.

Email Marketing

A/B Split Testing

We all have questions. Could my subject line be better? What if my colors were different? What if the elements on the page were formatted differently? Let’s get to the bottom of these questions and more through scientific A/B Split testing.

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