Web Design & Development

Web Design

Powered By Wordpress

Build your website on the foundation and stability of Wordpress. The World’s #1 site content management system. Easily create, edit, and post the content you want without the need of a professional.


eCommerce Solutions

Your store front is baked right in! Each site we build easily integrates with WooCoommerce, the easiest and most popular way to take online payments directly on your site. WooCommerce supports your favorite payment methods including Paypal, Square, Stripe, and more!


Intelligent Web Design

Each of our designs is built using the current web standards including HTML5 and CSS3. We comply with W3C standards so you are guaranteed a web property that is highly optimized and performs at a high level for each visitor


Mobile Responsive Design

Today over 60% of web traffic is mobile. Are you prepared to meet that demand? At Bordegos we create websites that are built to meet your consumers where they are! Desktop or mobile you receive a great experience dedicated to desktop, tablet, or mobile.

iOS & Android

Unified Web Presence

A website is as powerful as the content you fill it with! Let us help unify your online presence with our on-site graphics package as well as advertising and marketing services to maximize the power of your new online presence.

Web Design

Free SSL Certificate

Get the secure digital certificate you need in order to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for your website today, for free! With each Wordpress install we add that extra piece of mind just to keep you safe.


Sophisticated Web Development

Web Design is both beautiful and strategic, at least that’s our philosophy. When done correctly this leads to a web presence that’s both engaging and relevant to your audience. So why not start creating beautiful art that converts!


Integrated Web Hosting

Web hosting can be one of the biggest expenses in having a website. That’s why we offer our clients deeply discounted web hosting options. This allows you to focus on the content of your site without being burdened by all the expense and headache of hosting!



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